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Let's face it - some rules are not meant to be broken. "Never give-up", "Never sell-out", even "Never split 10's" are but a few examples of nevers that should be followed. Enter NeverDesigned.com - designed with 'never' in-mind.

Bend rules that can be bent, break rules that can be broken, but remain true to those certain few mantras that must persist.

Core Works

My name is Ben, and I build web stuffs... NeverDesigned.com is a collection such things, and attempts to represent my design philosophies and reflect the essence of my inner-designer. Actually in all honesty, I found this domain in the parking garage... and upon verifying I was alone, slipped it into my pocket and walked away.


'Design' is a system of conveyance... a means to deliver a specific idea or concept to the minds of those who experience it. It is all about delivery over decoration. Truly effective design is without fluff or frill, and is rooted in function.


A student of the 'full-stack' development concept, I try to be a Jack of all trades - be the project logo, web and/or print design... or even garage tinkering. Whether armed with a pencil, drawing stylus, or box wrench, my greatest triumphs rise from the ashes of my toughest challenges. Wow, Deep. How about 'I love the work I do' and leave it at that?


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CalChamber Responsive Portal

Web Design

Echelon Wealth Management

Logo/Promo Kit Design

Mestayer Painting

Logo Design

Safeco Parking Services

Logo Design

Discover Magazine (Cover)

Print Design

Home Impr/Contr Guide (Cover)

Print Design


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What's for Breakfast?


Let There Be Light





...a legend in my own mind? Read on and find out!


I have been in the web design world now for just shy of 20 years... during that time if have managed to learn what i do not know! This is a field that changes so rapidly, the brunt of learning is done by doing... I can run down the list but it is largly typical... Adobe this, HTML5/CSS that, some javascript and jQuery here and there... all served on a bed of freshly picked MySQL and SQL database work. Mmmm, hungry?


I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of California, San Diego where my focus was on video production and internet technologies. I also hold two honorary doctorate degrees from the School of Hard Knocks and Asskicker University, and I frequently enjoy online learning from cool sites like Lynda.com and Udemy.

Misc. Meandering

Outside of the cubicle and away from flatscreens, I enjoy time with my family, drawing and creative writing, music, and horribly failing at whatever garage project I am currently working on.

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...but never say 'never'....